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"Now, I'm gonna give you what you wanted."

I had a dream that Veronica wanted to get at me, she was talking to my sister about it and they were all giggly and shit. Right after that happened, she comes up to me and pins me down to the ground (I believe we were at my house). She said to me, "You didn't get what you wanted, now I'm gonna give you want you wanted." meaning she's was gonna rape basically. I said, no I don't want to I have a boyfriend and your my friend. That's all I remember, it was extremely terrifying and I'm glad that this will never ever happen lol.

In other words, I just started school this week. I like all of my teachers and my classes I hope I can do as good as I did last semester or even better. I'm finally in English 101 I never thought I would get that far knowing how hard it is for me to focus in class and get a good grades. I feel more encouraged to go to school now that I'm getting better at it.

Soon, Thomas is living for Texas I'm gonna miss him so much but for now I just want to hang out with him as much as I can before he leaves. I hope he comes back in time for my birthday party in June which I don't know what my theme is gonna be it was going to be a killers themed party but wearing blazers and collard long sleeve shirts is not a good idea during the summer time. So that's out of the question I'll have to think about it some more and plan it better so everyone can come. I also want to change up my room making it look basically like theater/gryffindor/thekillers are put all together at once and I want it to be burgundy and gold.

Well, I'm done with my ranting for now.

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