April 2nd, 2009

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Fuck you Jack. Motherfucker all you had to do is be a human being for once in your life. You didn't need to be a hero but you could have at least helped.

WTF? Even Kate did something a normal human been would. That is to just help out for once.

Juliet scared the shit of me, I would not mess with that bitch. Miles and Hurley had the right reaction that was to GTFO.

Sawyer was not up on his game, he didn't make Jack do it. He easily could have done that.

Richard Alpert is hot.

Poor, little Ben. Jack you could have saved little Ben for being a crazy fuck, but noooo you had to be all like meheheheheh I'm done trying.

oh no you didn't Pictures, Images and Photos

I think this gifs are appropriate.

Fuck, lost fucks with my head every time but I can't stop watching.
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