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My life the past few months

My life has been great the past few months, great friends, doing good in school, I meet someone that is very special to me his name is Anthony, I have never meet him in person till my friends surprised me. I have a great family and loving pets. Well, there has been something that did came up that was negative, lets just say that I'm so over that person and its sad that someone else has to fight the persons battles for them. It's been so long since, I've talked to that person, I was accused of doing something that I would never ever do no matter how much i disliked the person that just crossed the line. The person even try to bringing my friends up in this, and that pissed me off if you have a problem with just me don't go saying my friends names. My friends were angry and disgusted about this situation that they decided to give me a surprise. I mentioned earlier in this that I meet someone very special Anthony, my friends decided to go to Santa Cruz, but in reality we were going to Sunnyvale were Anthony lives. I didn't even notice that we took a completely different road to "Santa Cruz", I was so out of it we didn't take the 17! what the hell was going on in my mind. We even stopped at a gas/cafe station that was called Sunnyvale lol. We finally arrived to Sunnyvale, we went straight to golf land(It's sorta off like boomers). I notice that that's were Anthony goes all the time with his friends, I thought nothing of it really I just thought that that's were we were meeting Brendan(Stixy's bf) since we were going to meet up with him. Anyways, we went into the arcade area and I see someone that looks a lot like Anthony, I stopped dead on my tracks, looked at Bob and said, "Bob! that looks like Anthony." Bob gave me his little hehehe smirk. The person turns around and its Anthony, I got so nervous I didn't know what to do or say. My friends were all giggling and yelling yes! all around. After, that I got to hang out with Anthony and had a good time. I got really comfortable around him very quickly which is unusual for me. After, that me and my friends headed to Santa Cruz to meet up with Stixy's boyfriend Brendan, we went to the beach and had a nice bomb fire. It was such a nice surprise that they would do that for me, I love this bitches you know who you are. I couldn't ask for better friends thanks you guys for everything. Yesterday, I got to go to San Francisco with my sister, her boyfriend, my mom, Anthony and me. We went walking around all over San Francisco and we went to this new mall that was about 5 or 7 stories high. We also went to the beach and almost got eaten by waves, it was a nice day to spent. I really like this guy, he gave me a hello kitty ring and it's really sweet of him. He makes me feel great and he gives me my space. I never felt this way about someone before, I don't know what it is about him, he's sweet, nice, funny, and overall a great guy. I'm glad that I've meet him. School is almost over, I have two finals coming up I think i will do well. I can't wait for me and my friends Crystalmass party and Eddie's 21st birthday party to come. Life is grand!.

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