I'm such a gaywad.

Well, I been going out with Anthony for almost a month now. He's a great guy and treats me well. I don't get to see him very often but whenever I get a chance I go and see him. He gave me a huge dinosaur for Christmas it's so cute thanks Anthony :). I gave him a Boy's like Girls notebook he liked it, He makes me feel different and he give me myspace. I got to go to San Francisco on New Years with all of my friends, I was being emo and shit because we were already late getting on the bart and at this time I didn't know that the train that he would have to take back home left late like the bart. I apologized for being emo and sad. So, we got on the bart and I was thinking "Damn this sucks, I won't get to see him" Take in mind I don't get to see him for a long time I have not seen him for a month, yeah yeah say whatever its not a big deal quit being so dramatic. Anyways, my friends were all supportive and I thank them for that, We got out of the bart station were our stop was we all walked across the street to the Ferry building. We stopped once we got in front of the Ferry Building to see were the party be at, and sure enough I didn't expect this coming I hear Stixy say, "HEY HEY!", I turned around and guess who came across the street Anthony he was supposed to leave at 11 which is the time that we got there. I was so happy and excited to see him, that luckily his train left late too because it was new years. I felt bad about a something, but I apologized to Phillip because of my mistake he's fine now and understands were we coming from. I wish you could have been there Phillip with us on new years. I got to kiss Anthony at midnight which was wonderful. I couldn't ask for anything better than new years with awesome friends and my boyfriend.Thanks so much for the great New years guys it was awesome :).

For the lolz, I wrote this to my boyfriend. Hope you enjoy it.

BAby, U be loKKing f1ne as hell. When I see U walkin' down the strettt, I lik3 the W@y u b3 lookin' w1th0ut A DouBT. U hair everthin' yo Sh03s, yo Glazzes, 0HH B01 i cant Ztoppp lookin' at U. I l1ke u so MUch baBy, 1 Kn0w U like m33. N0w t3LL me BAby that U like m33.

H0LL@z b@cK aTT yo Girl
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My life the past few months

My life has been great the past few months, great friends, doing good in school, I meet someone that is very special to me his name is Anthony, I have never meet him in person till my friends surprised me. I have a great family and loving pets. Well, there has been something that did came up that was negative, lets just say that I'm so over that person and its sad that someone else has to fight the persons battles for them. It's been so long since, I've talked to that person, I was accused of doing something that I would never ever do no matter how much i disliked the person that just crossed the line. The person even try to bringing my friends up in this, and that pissed me off if you have a problem with just me don't go saying my friends names. My friends were angry and disgusted about this situation that they decided to give me a surprise. I mentioned earlier in this that I meet someone very special Anthony, my friends decided to go to Santa Cruz, but in reality we were going to Sunnyvale were Anthony lives. I didn't even notice that we took a completely different road to "Santa Cruz", I was so out of it we didn't take the 17! what the hell was going on in my mind. We even stopped at a gas/cafe station that was called Sunnyvale lol. We finally arrived to Sunnyvale, we went straight to golf land(It's sorta off like boomers). I notice that that's were Anthony goes all the time with his friends, I thought nothing of it really I just thought that that's were we were meeting Brendan(Stixy's bf) since we were going to meet up with him. Anyways, we went into the arcade area and I see someone that looks a lot like Anthony, I stopped dead on my tracks, looked at Bob and said, "Bob! that looks like Anthony." Bob gave me his little hehehe smirk. The person turns around and its Anthony, I got so nervous I didn't know what to do or say. My friends were all giggling and yelling yes! all around. After, that I got to hang out with Anthony and had a good time. I got really comfortable around him very quickly which is unusual for me. After, that me and my friends headed to Santa Cruz to meet up with Stixy's boyfriend Brendan, we went to the beach and had a nice bomb fire. It was such a nice surprise that they would do that for me, I love this bitches you know who you are. I couldn't ask for better friends thanks you guys for everything. Yesterday, I got to go to San Francisco with my sister, her boyfriend, my mom, Anthony and me. We went walking around all over San Francisco and we went to this new mall that was about 5 or 7 stories high. We also went to the beach and almost got eaten by waves, it was a nice day to spent. I really like this guy, he gave me a hello kitty ring and it's really sweet of him. He makes me feel great and he gives me my space. I never felt this way about someone before, I don't know what it is about him, he's sweet, nice, funny, and overall a great guy. I'm glad that I've meet him. School is almost over, I have two finals coming up I think i will do well. I can't wait for me and my friends Crystalmass party and Eddie's 21st birthday party to come. Life is grand!.
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Life right now

Well, life is not so good right now. Everything just seems to been going wrong, nothing goes right. I'm having a hard time at school not doing so well already, My sister has been really sick hopefully she will be fine and have her be well really soon. I have talked to my friends and they have helped me they make me smile by just saying something little also another person who has made me smile has been a guy I meet his name is Anthony he has has also helped me with all of this. He's a pretty awesome guy, I really like him. With all of this going on I'm just not feeling very good, I feel sad, worried, stressed just not good. Today, was just the tip of the ice berg my dog got into another fight with my duck, my dog bit my ducks beack made her bleed. Then the neighboors
kid rang the doorbell and told us that our duck was in their back yard (she couldn't fly until now). My sister was able to catch it and put it over the fence, she was yelling at me and telling that I was dumb. I felt like shit and stupid. I just broke down and cried, with all of this at once. I don't care if you say oh your being too dramatic, I'm not its just bad times going on right now for me. I can't help but to feel that way. Thanks to everyone who has helped me :).

ps. My dad cut the ducks wings, luckily he knew how to cut a chickens wings. So, its fine for now.
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Well, the past two days haven't been very good I'm already messing up with with photography. I had to re-shot another film because I shoot it wrong the first time, fuck I feel like a dumb ass. Now, I finally re-shot it so I can develop it today and appearantly I had put the film into the camera that wrong way and it was a total waist because none of the pictures came up. But I had sweared that I put it on right, its so frustrating I mean the film is a expansive and it's really bad if you mess up like that. I'm already behing in on my assingment. Luckily, I can print one set of pictures from the first film, but I'm still behind. I want to see my friends today, I'm in need of laughter.
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Warped tour was awesome

 The bands that I saw were, Relient K, The Academy is..., Story of the year, Family Force 5, Cobra Starship,Angels & Airwaves, and Gym Class heroes. I have to say that it was so much fun I loved every minute of it even though my legs hurt and I have extreme sunburn on my face and I am extremely tanned on my arms. It was all worth it though. One thing I was sad about was that The All Amercian Rejects were not able to be on the tour. Another thing when I was watching Angels & Airwaves they are awesome don't get me wrong I like them, but just to see Tom Delonge there it was so awesome yet sadding that it wasen't Blink 182 playing call me to much of a fan girl. But hey everyone that is a fan of Blink wants them to come back. Well, it was overall so fucking awesome made some new friends, watched awesome bands, scream my heart out/sung, got a bunch of free shit because warped tour is awesome like that, went with one of my closest friend. What more could I ask for.

I love every single one of those bands, but Family Force 5 have become one of my favorites, I mean I have been listening to them for a long time. I loved them eversince I heard their song Kountry Gentlemen. Now, I am deeply in love with them.

Ps. The singer is so hot, he may not look his best here. But in person he is so so so hot.
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It's just life I guess

 Well, things right now for me aren't to good. I don't feel good about myself at all I tried, but nothing happends.  I want to change a couple things, things that are annoying about myself and other things as well. I want to stop being to nice because,  people just seem to take adventage of that and I'm so fucking tired of it. I'm not going to change who I am completly just a few things. I know you might say "you don't need to change anything." stuff like that, but i'm tired of having those things that I know are annoying, another thing like stop  exaggerating about things. I want to stop that completely. I'm not doing this for anyone, I just want to stop doing some of these things. I'm not going to stop being myself for, but I would like to change them. 
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It's been a long time

I haven't written on here for a long time, I mean about two or three years. Well, I might start to update some more about my life, my awesome friends, adventures, good times, etc. As you can see my spelling and punctuation has gotten a lot better comparing to my last entries.lol. A lot has happend this past year or so, I started talking to two of friends that i didn't talk to in about a year. Now, we hang out almost everyday of the week they are just awesome and I love them to death. My friends are the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for I love you, Eddie, Deanna, Bob, Ashely, and Stixy. I graduated from my High School last year I'm very proud of that I thought I wasen't going to make it, but  I did. I go to Modesto Junior Collage now I just finished my second semester there this year and going unto my third semester. My life has changed since I got out of High school I got even closer to my friends, made new friends, got through some really hard stuff with the help of my friends, basically everything has gotten even better than it was before.

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the cast party yesterday was awesome, it was so much fun we played Dodgeball the whole time GOOD EXERCISE TOO!LOL,I'AM SO SORED FROM PLAYING DODGEBALL LOL, the Senor gifts were funny and cute I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUY'S SO MUCH THIS YEAR HAS BEEN GREAT, IT HAS BEEN THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!! =]
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Ashely's party!!! =]

Yesterday was Ashely's birthday party and it was so much fun, we all danced and stuff the Jump house was great, lots of ACTION going on in there lol, but it was funny as hell! we were all terrified of a certain someone that we though was coming to her party, so we all hid in the Jump house oh man that fun and scarey at the same time lol, other than that it was an awesome party i'm tired as hell and I LOVE YOU GUY'S SO MUCH!! and ill see ya at school =]
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